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Hey! If you hadn't already gathered, I'm Uzume Tennouboshi, super-cool CPU of Planeptune, skatepark innovator, and always ahead of the curve! Go ahead and check out the other pages on this website! "Check me out" will let you learn more about me! "Cool swag" is where I'll put cool art and things that just don't match any of the other parts of the site. "Recommended Ramen Shops" is where you can find my list of the coolest hangouts with the hottest noodles, whether in Planeptune, or anywhere else! In "Games" you'll find my recommendations, and what I've been playing recently! On "My Playlist", you'll find the sickest tunes that I've found to listen to! I've really been into this new stuff that's coming out, but I'll probably mostly stick with the classics. Retro4lyfe. "Find me on:" is where I'll put... all the places you can find me! That way, you can get in contact with me, and then we could like, talk and get to know one another, and share our interests, and then become really good friends! Ahem. I mean. "Links", I'll just put anything else cool I can find in there! So, yeah. Get crackin'! Or, if you gotta go, good luck with what you're doing today!

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